Understanding Our Slavery Book! – Third Edition


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3rd Edition – 4th Printing – Available June 19th, 2019

New Back Cover + 100 Improvements/Link Corrections/Typo Corrections and expanded information on the Art of Liberty Foundation and the Pre-State Project

Understanding Our Slavery exposes the hidden control system and pseudo-religion of Statism used by an inter-generational organized crime system centered around banking and central banking to rob and control the population. Using historical photographs, media ownership charts, infographics and memes the book is designed to accelerate and deepen the understanding of the 65% of the population who are visual learners including revealing historical patterns, organizational structures, banking monopolizations, and other previously hidden connections through visualization. The book catalogs 20+ unethically manipulative techniques many traditionally associated with cult-creation to indoctrinate free human beings into a worldview that produces obedient “tax-payers” and classic shave-headed “Order Followers” willing to kill foreigners or enforce taxation and “government” edicts on their friends and neighbors.

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