The Art of Liberty Foundation

The Art of Liberty Foundation is an educational organization focused on spreading voluntaryist/libertarian ideas through effective media tailored to visual learners, busy people, and short attention spans.  The Foundation produces books, blogs, podcasts, memes, videos, infographics, and monographs that explain the basics of voluntaryist/libertarian ideas and expose the illogic and immorality of government in addition to its criminality and corruption.   The Foundation is also focused on developing and testing viral and uncensorable methods of spreading voluntaryist/libertarian ideas through hand-to-hand distribution of “meatspace” objects including DVDs and USB Thumbdrives. We are currently raising funds to accelerate these efforts. Read our Executive Summary Here:

Our Current Projects and Programs




Understanding Our Slavery is a book and public relations campaign to expose the techniques used by inter-generational organized crime to create the culture of slavery and tax slavery in their populations.  The project includes a book Understanding Our Slavery which details 20+ techniques using historical photographs, images, and infographics to expose the historical pattern of manipulation used by organized crime to control populations. The project also distributes the PDF version of Understanding Our Slavery and educational materials on voluntaryist/libertarian ideas from a Dropbox, USB flash drives, and data DVDs called: The Liberator which is made available for free on the website and can be copied and distributed.

The Pre-State Project – The Free State Project is an effort by voluntaryist and libertarian-leaning freedom activists to move to a single State, New Hampshire, with a history of liberty and a population low-enough where a migration or concentration of freedom-loving individuals could effect real change.  The Pre-State Project is our effort to accelerate the objectives of the Free State Project by exposing organized crime’s control system and offering the Voluntaryist alternative of real freedom, non-violence, tolerance, and peace. The goal of the project is to convert 25,000 libertarian-leaning among existing New Hampshire residents to Voluntaryism, real freedom and activism by exposing the control system of Statism and government criminality through mass distribution of physical books, Liberator Flash Drives, and the DVD of Vaxxed! in a campaign that would also host town hall meetings across the state. Read our Executive Summary Here:

Five and the Five Percenter Movement





Five is a future project that will encourage liberty-minded individuals to contribute just 5% of their time and treasure to Liberty and will promote select and worthy projects where we can provide synergies with other Liberty organizations, provide timely focus, or other opportunities where we can force multiply capital, resources, and efforts. The name is also a double entendre as that level of commitment will allow the movement to deliver “Five” to the side of organized crime’s proverbial head.


Flash Drives for Freedom – USA Chapter

Flash Drives for Freedom is our upcoming campaign to collect USB thumb drives in mass from corporations and individuals and populate them with educational materials on voluntaryist/libertarian thought. The organization is US-focused with an homage to the original Flash Drives for Freedom campaigners that smuggles USB drives into North Korea and demonstrates that both regimes are using the exact same techniques on their populations.