Would you like to help wake up friends and family and support large-scale cult deprogramming?

The team at Understanding Our Slavery is soliciting donations in crypto-currencies and rapidly depreciating fiat paper tickets.
Here is our strategy:
We are going after the visual learners and accelerating their “Time-to-Insight”! – People like pictures and 70% are visual learners who learn best and fastest when they see information rather than simply hear it. Humans are also the world’s best pattern recognition machines, and repetition of the control techniques reveals that this system is formulaic, deceitful, and indoctrinated.
We are both fast-to-insight and thorough! – Because it’s hard-to-catch someone’s attention, most people don’t have time for a full-length book, and many people learn in short bursts, we are creating posters, memes, and infographics geared towards busy people and those with low attention spans.
We are accurate and well-referenced – While this is a draft, we are aggressively fact-checking, footnoting, and referencing everything with authoritative, scholarly research delivered in a variety of formats (website, documentaries) for individual learning preferences. We are crowd-sourced, so if you see something incorrect or would like to contribute, please e-mail me at:
We are going multi-format – We are creating posters, downloadable PDFs, interactive infographics, and eventually, video content geared to catching attention and fast-insight but providing the background, facts, and references.

We are taking it to the schools – The interactive posters/infographics we are designing are formatted for the hundreds of thousands of interactive touch-screen SMART Boards and Promethean boards in K-12 classrooms and universities. We will be producing the interactive program on cool, inexpensive thumb drives that will include other information warfare assets. We call this drive: The Liberator. We think there is a resistance movement within the government’s mandatory schools, and we are going to get both students and “School Sakharov’s” the information weapons they need to help expose the control system and mitigate the harm to the kids. You can download the contents of the Liberator, including the stickers needed to wrap a blank USB drive here:

We are looking to collaborate – We are looking for voluntaryist writers, researchers, videographers, documentarians, graphic designers, and artists who would like to work on a paid project that exposes the organized crime gangster government and their control and obedience techniques.
We are looking to be well-funded – We are looking to partner with “idea-philanthropists” and liberty donors interested in getting thousands (millions?) of students exposed to the ideas of liberty, and we are exploring crowd-funding this effort to ensure we are well-capitalized for accuracy, impact, and viral growth. If you are interested in investing in neo-abolitionism and large-scale cult-deprogramming we have a plan and the team.

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