Hard copies and merch coming soon! Faster if you can help!

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You are getting a peek behind the scenes as we rapidly prototype the website.  We are looking to raise $15,000 to accelerate everything.

Initial Stock of Books, Posters, Liberator USBs, and Ammo Cans   – $5000
Retool Book to a lower cost format, license high res images          – $3500
Marketing, Video & PR Campaign for Kick-Starter                          – $6500

We won’t be able to satisfy any orders until at least November but you can donate below to get the good karma flowing immediately!

You can also download both the book and poster in PDF and you are authorized to print not-for-resale copies for friends and family as well as create your own Liberator using your own thumb drive.

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Currently we are taking donations in cryptocurrency.  Please contact me @ Etienne.delaBoetie@Gmail.com to donate cash or credit.

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